In 1897, the British Empire invaded the Benin Kingdom and razed it to the ground. Today, its magnificent royal artifacts sit in London, Stuggart and New York.

BENIN BRONZE CULTURAL EXCHANGE PROJECT is one of the first projects to leverage NFTs to drive meaningful social impact. We are more than just a project, we are a movement that bridges art, technology, and history. Together, let us remember the past, embrace the present, create the future.

Featuring a collection of 1,897 unique NFTs, we aim to expand awareness of the Benin Kingdom as well as promote cultural exchange amongst inhabitants of our global village.

Our collectors are also our cultural ambassadors. Each will receive not only their unique NFT, but also a wide range of exclusive benefits, both digital and physical, related to cultural heritage of the amazing but often overlooked Benin Kingdom.


Our objective is to use a range of cultural attires with a focus on one of the 3 Benin Ivory masks, fostering social connection in order to drive awareness about the Benin Bronzes being away from its creators, creating value for its NFT holders. We aim to drive awareness using Blockchain & Web3 to develop 1,897 NFTs to spearhead a real-life socio issue that has been a long-standing international debate since “FESTAC 77” 1977.

As an awareness project, our mission is to sensationalize the Benin Ivory Masks online and drive conversations globally about the Benin Bronzes being a disputed pieces that should be returned to the rightful owners in Edo State Nigeria.

Our Benin Bronze NFT project will be a prototype/precedent for using Blockchain & web3 to engage in real life socio issues. A Trifecta that will intersect Past (History) + Present (Art) + Future (Technology – Blockchain/Web3) = establishing possibilities and applications to the physical world and the Metaverse.


  1. Digital NFT
  2. Digital version of 1897 (Signed – Bronze, Silver & Gold – Bronze being the highest)
  3. Print version of 1897 (signed – Bronze, Silver & Gold – Bronze being the highest) shipped to the holder globally
  4. Virtual/3D Tour of The Benin Kingdom (which has been destroyed)
  5. 3D re-enactment of 1897 Punitive Expedition
  6. Short animation adaptation of Okiojo’s Chronicles 1897
  7. Metaverse Skins
  8. Documentary on the Benin Punitive Expedition
  9. Adorned apparel (Face Caps, T-Shirts, Hoodies & Skill Shirts shipped to the holders globally)
  10. 3 Benin Ivory Mask pendants made of Gold, Silver & Bronze (Bronze being the highest with diamond eyes) 1,897 comic books and apparel will arrive at the holders address. 3 winners will receive the Benin Ivory Mask pendants as a surprise. (More details to come, Terms & Conditions apply)
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